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PASHA Makine Limited Sirketi is a HETCO Group Company. PASHA was founded as a manufacturer of construction machines in Ankara in 2005. Her high quality products became well known in very short time after her foundation both in the domestic and international markets, and PASHA became a global supplier possesing the value of a global brand.

The secret behind her success achieved in very short time depends on her wide experience gained in the construction fields in her history spent as Contractor or Sub-contactor helself. PASHA prefectly combined her wide experience about the requirements of the construction fields with the machine production. PASHA reaches to her goal very fast but with concrete steps thanks to her experience of the past and dedicated workers with capacity.


Manufacturing her products due to world-class standards, PASHA contributes to the economic and technologic development of the construction sector and supports contractor and subcontractors worldwide by offering them practical solutions for site development, power and time economy, and achieving high quality and efficiency at work. PASHA keeps on running after new projects with the innovations driven out from the experienced, enthusiastic young Research and Development Team with dedicated loyal Workers and of course, with the strong connections and believing each other in the same purpose, same target, where everyone here knows the deep inside their heart, the company motto; "The Trusted Partner at Your Construction..."

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PASHA products – whose sales rates draw an increasing line in the construction sector day by day –  can be listed under the following main topics :

•    Stationary Concrete Pumps
•    Shotcrete Trucks
•    Shotcrete Machines
•    Cement-Grout Pumps
•    Concrete and Grout Plants
•    Conceret Mixer and Pumps for Tunnel
•    Ex-Proof Concrete and Mortar Machines with ATEX Declaration
•    Floor Screed Pumps
•    Mortar and Plaster Projection Machines
•    Transfer Pumps
•    Anfo Chargers
•    Spare Parts



PASHA – thanks to the team mates – has shown the succes of establishing the Quality Assurance Systems. Each product is subjected to various function testings and performance checkings. All products are also delivered by experienced technicians who will install the product and give training for the proper operation. The user – who is trained – will get maximum performance from the product as he will have less or even no problem with it in operation. In addition to all these, PASHA always stays behind her product and customers, as customer pleasure means everything for the company.

PASHA is also rewarded with the following certificates and entirely fulfilling their standards :

As final words ;

From the very first day, PASHA started with the idea of presenting qualified systems, machines and materials for increasing the standards of the construction sector at competitive pricing levels with well established engineering standing behind…

During all those passed years, we have never got tired of running after these goals and will not get in the future as long as we feel the trust of our customers behind our back…


"14.Year in the Production"

Building, Tunel and Mine Construction Machines

"Our job is to produce. We love to produce."




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PASHA Makine Ltd. Şti. is a HETCO Group Company.

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