Messege of the General Manager

Dear Visitor,

Our company and knowledge reaches out to a very long and successful past in the construction sector and be enlightened. After a past we served as contractor some time and sub-contractor some other time in the construction sector; Yes; we chose a tough way  but with love, passion and the warrior spirit within, desiring to produce the best quality due to the highest world standards regardless of the challenges in the industry. Trusting to you our dearest supporters in our way, we will struggle to become a well-known BRAND NAME in this sector containing giant and multi-national financial groups and Far East manufacturers.

Insha'Allah, with the will of Allah, your trust and support will lead us to carry our achievements to far beyond the dreams...

We get our way like the story of the ant in the global world and we will struggle to achieve our goals. It it our main struggle to achieve all of our goals but we believe that we will leave a trace in our way and will light for the ones after us if at all.

Warm and Kind Regards,



"14.Year in the Production"

Building, Tunel and Mine Construction Machines

"Our job is to produce. We love to produce."




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