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This Privacy Statement governs the data protection principles adopted by PASHA End. Makine İnş. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti., (hereinafter referred to as "PASHA Makine") when collecting and using the personal data shared by users (“User(s)”) voluntarily on the website (“Website”).

Personal Data

PASHA Makine may, depending on Users' access to and activities on the Website, collect information necessary for the performance of services on the Website, including User's identity, Internet Protocol (IP) details, contact details and other information considered personal data as per the Personal data Protection Law and all relevant regulations. User clearly consents that the data shared with PASHA Makine can be processed for the purposes and within the scope described in this Privacy Statement.

As per the Articles 3 and 7 of the Personal Data Protection Law, the data that becomes irrevocably anonymous shall not be deemed personal data as per the aforesaid law and the processing of such data shall not be subject to the provisions of this Privacy Statement.

Purpose of Use of the Personal Data

The personal data in question may be processed as part of PASHA Makine's reporting and business development activities, as well as various statistical evaluations, database formation and market analysis without disclosing user identity. Subject to user consent, such data may also be processed, stored and transmitted to third parties by PASHA Makine and its associates for direct marketing purposes and Users may be contacted via such details for various application, product and service promotion, maintenance and support activities.

PASHA Makine may also process and share personal data with third parties without User consent as per Articles 5 and 8 of the Personal Data Protection Law and/or in the case of exceptions in the relevant regulation. The aforesaid cases are as follows:

Where clearly stipulated in the Laws,

Where it is required to preserve the life or physical integrity of the person or third parties, where the person is physically unable to declare consent or whose consent has no legal validity,

Where a contract is executed by and between the User and PASHA Makine or it is necessary to process the personal data, provided it is directly related to its performance,

Where it is required for the fulfillment of legal obligations,

Where such details are made public by the User,

Where data processing is required for establishing, effecting and protecting rights,

Where the processing is mandatory for PASHA Makine's legitimate interests, provided the User's fundamental rights and freedoms are not undermined.

Sharing of Personal Data

The personal data of Users and new data attained using such personal data may be transmitted to third parties offering services to PASHA Makine for the performance of services on the Website, provided such transmission is limited to the purpose of providing aforesaid services by PASHA Makine. In this scope, PASHA Makine may share User data with outsourcers, hosting service provides, law offices, research companies and call centers for the purpose of improving User experience (improvement and customization), ensuring security of User data, remedying faults in the Website or PASHA Makine's services and for the performance of any purpose in this Privacy Statement or other privacy statements notified to the User.

User readily agrees that the aforesaid third parties may store Users' personal data in servers in any part of the world, provided it is restricted to the purposes specified above.

User Rights

By applying to PASHA Makine, Users are entitled to the following as data owners:

Learn if the personal data are processed or not,

Request information if the personal data are processed,

Learn the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used as per such purposes,

Know of any domestic or international third parties to whom personal data are transferred,

Request correction of any missing or faulty personal data,

Request deletion or destruction of personal data as per the terms specified in the regulations,

Request notification of correction, deletion or destruction of personal data as per the regulations to any third parties receiving such data,

Object to any claims arising against the person by exclusive analysis of processed data by automated systems,

Claim any damages suffered due to unlawful processing of personal data.

The User undertakes that the data provided to PASHA Makine subject to this Privacy Statement are full, accurate and up-to-date, and such data shall be immediately updated to reflect any subsequent changes. PASHA Makine shall not assume any liability for the User's failure to provide up-to-date data.

In the event that the User makes any request resulting in no use of personal data by PASHA Makine, the User agrees and declares that they may not fully utilize the services promised by PASHA Makine, and shall assume full responsibility of such failure to use.

Term of Storage for Personal Data

PASHA Makine shall store the personal data provided by Users for the full duration of service provision for the purpose of fulfilling liabilities within the scope of services provided.

In addition, PASHA Makine may store the personal data for the period specified in the relevant regulations as extension period for the purpose of establishing its defense in any dispute between the User and PASHA Makine.

Data Security Measures

In line with the terms specified in the regulations and this Privacy Statement, PASHA Makine declares and undertakes that;

to prevent unlawful processing of personal data,

to prevent unlawful access to personal data and

to protect the personal data, the necessary technical and administrative measures shall be implemented and supervisions performed in order to ensure a reasonable level of security.

In the event that the Website provides links to other websites or applications, PASHA Makine shall assume no responsibility with respect to the privacy policies and contents of such websites and applications.

PASHA Makine shall not assume liability for any damages resulting from the failure to use the personal data as per the terms specified above.

Amendments in Privacy Policy

By using the services in the Website, Users have read and accepted all terms and conditions herein. PASHA Makine reserves the right to amend the provisions of the Privacy Statement without prior notice. The Updated Privacy Statement shall take effect upon notification to the User by any means.

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