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It is installed with the Deutz diesel engine with oil cooiling. 3 or 4 cylinder options are available. To choose the engine best for your project you may read our article Choosing 3 or 4 cylinder screed pump and learn more about the subject.

Its greatest advantages is the mixer which can rotate in both ways. It is standard in all our models. As the mixer can be runned in the reverse direction, any choke up is cleared very easily. The arm and blades does not get broken while struggling to remove the blockage. It can deliver both screed and fine grained concrete. It works at every climate conditions which fits to concreting, its balanced design does not cause overheat. It is available with the air compressor which produce more amount of air. It is the model which produces the most air in the world. The mixer is discharged in very short time with the more amoung of air. It is offered with hydraulic skip, it save both time and laborship. The delivery rate per hour is higher. You may check our article How use screed pump with skip and what is its advantage? and learn more about this subject.

It is installed at the ground at the construction site. It starts the delivery with single touch. It stops producing air once the mixer is completely discharged. Manuel delivery more is available. You may check our article How to deliver floor screed with machine? to understand how tu use it. It is ideal to mix and deliver the screed and fine grained concrete with the right type of material, grain size and viscocity. It can deliver to high storey.

The gearbox is robust and durable. At designed without shaft, it is not possible to break shaft. The mixer is for life time usage; there are interior wear plates which protect the mixer. The life time of the mixer shaft and bearings are long lasting. The mixing blades and blade holders are long lasting. As it is mounted on wheel, it is possible to pull it by a vehicle. It trailer is robust and durable. Its brakes are effective. The traffic signals are available at the back side. Its design and component qualit conforms to the European and world standards.

 Model WM55 WM55S WM65 WM65S
 Engine brand/type DEUTZ Diesel Engine
 Engine cylinder/power 3cylinder 36kW 4cylinder 45kW
 Screw compressor 5.3 m3/min 5.3 m3/min
 Delivery rate (h) 4.5 m3 5.8 m3 5.5 m3 7.2 m3
 Hydraulic skip No Yes No Yes
 Grain size support 0 - 16 mm
 Mixer volume 260 lt
 Filling height 500 mm
 Oil pump Automatic
 Dimensions (WxLxH) 1500 x 4600 x 2000 mm
2050 kg
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