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Gunite Machine for Dry Mix

We offer one model for making dry mix shotcrete. It is the most common model world wide with high capacity. It is user friendly, simple and long lasting. It is used for filling, fortification, maintenance and restoration, etc. at superstructure and substructure, tunnel and mining projects such as the dam, highway, subway and building (the dry mix shotcrete machine with ATEX certificate to be used in coal mines is a different model).

The regular model at this category has a system working with both electricity and air. While the system is electric driven, the shotcrete is delivered by air. Ready-mix (pre-mixed) dry materials are used (any additives should be dry too). The pre-mixed dry materials put into the hopper are delivered to through the hose to the mixing head. The materials are mixed with water inside the mixing head and sprayed with the pressurised air. It forms a concrete layer on the surface. It is possible to use this model is for both dry and semi wet application.

There is vibrator on the hopper. The flow of the materials is constant. It does not travel shotcrete dust around during the delivery. It has only rubber disk and steel plates to be replaced periodically. The rubber disks has long life time as they are the type working with lubrication. If it is lubricated before and cleaned after each operation, it is very efficient machine considering both its system and the components. It is designed and manufactured as conforms to the European and world standards. Its electrical equipments meet the requirements of work safety.

 Model SH-6
 AC power 380 V, 50 Hz
 Main motor 7.5 kW
 Vibrator 0.18 kW
 Max. delivery rate 6 m3 / h
 Max. delivery distance 150 m horizontal, 50 m vertical
 Air consumption (@ 7 bar) 12 - 18 m3 / min
 Air consumption (@ 4 bar) 20 - 32 m3 / min 
(Delivery rate and distance depends on air pressure and amount)
 Grain size support 0 - 16 mm
 Filling height 900 mm
 Dimensions ( W x L x H ) 1200 x 500 x 1400 mm
 Weight 450 kg
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