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Grouting Mixer Pump

There is only one model available in the category of mixer pump. It is the ideal for use in small and middle size projects,  narrow tunnel and building constructions. It is a full automatic system with user friendly design. It mixes the materials put into its hopper automatically with water on one hand, and pumps the mixture on the other.

Its design which is more compact than the other grout pumps is light and easy to carry. It is portable. Its system is full automatic. It gets the water and mixes it with the materials automatically. The mixture getting mixed in the mixer pump is pumped simultaneously. The pump motor is stopped if the flow of the water stops and the rotor stator are saved. It is fine for grouting in building and narrow tunnels where any bigger machine is unpractical.

It ideal to use with grout materials which has low wearing rate and easy to mix such as water cement grout mixture. The slamp can be high or low. You may check our models grout pump with continuous mixer and grout piston pump for different type of materials and bigger projects.

It is easy to clean and maintain, it takes very short time. It will serve for life time if it is cleaned after and maitained before each use. It is designed and manufactured due to the European and world standards. Its electrical board conforms to the requirements of work safety.

PASHA mixer pumps for grouting are made in Turkey. It is point where the best quality meets the best price for the grouting mixer pump.
 Model GPJ-20
 AC power
 380 V, 50 Hz 
 Pomp motor
5.5 kW
 Water pump 0.55 kW
 Grout delivery rate 25 lt/min
 Delivery distance 40 m horizontal 15 m vertical
 Grains size support 0 - 3 mm
 Max. working pressure 30 bar
 Filling height 1200 mm
 Dimensions ( W x L x H )
800 x 1100 x 1400 mm
 Weight 135 kg
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