Grout Pumps / Piston Pumps for Grouting

Grouting Piston Pump

We have models with piston which can deliver grout up to 15 m3 per hour to both short and long distances. The system of all our models are same. It is developed with innovative technologies. It is the new age with our technology with two pistons which overtakes the Clivio pumps with former technology with one piston.

Working hydro mechanically, our system consists of three separate units as one continuous mixer, one agitator and one pump. As it is equipped with a powerful hydraulic system, it can deliver grout to long distance. It is ideal to do all types of grouting jobs with single machine. It can be used for both grouting as well as contact and consolidation grouting. It can deliver low or high amount of grout by the adjustable delivery rate.

The mixer has high rate per minute. It makes the grout mix very fast and also very homogenous. The grout materials and water are put into the mixer and get mixed. The homogenous grout mixture is made. Following the mixing process, the mixture is delivered in to the agitator. The agitator has low rate per minute. It supports to make high amount of grout mixture. It also lets to make delivery-and-return during breaks. It helps the operator to get fully rested without the necessıty to clean the set before small breaks.

It is ideal for applying any grout material; cement, gypsum, lime, refractory materials, geothermal grout, and bentonite. It can be used for both bolt grouting and contact and consolidation grouting. It can deliver grout from a stationary point to longer distances. It consists of three units as mixer, agitator and pump. The mixer makes homogenous mixture. The homogenous mixture does not form lumb. It prevents any dry material to get into the pump. It does not chock up the pump or the hose this way. The homogenous grout mix saves the life time as well as the efficiency of the pump. The agitator saves energy while it is in use. All the electrical motors and hydraulic components and are powerful. The delivery valve is new technology unlike the s-valve. It works with flawless flow and stable pressure rate. It does not block the pump or cause any other trouble when stopped and re-started. Sudden pressure changes and hose deformation because of swinging does not happen. Both model mounted on skid and model on wheels are available. Its design is user friendly and makes the cleaning process very practical. It works for years like the first day if it is properly cleaned and maintained. It conforms to the European and world standards. Its electrical board is designed due to the requirements of work safety.

 Model GS-80 GS-120 GS-200 GS-250
 AC power 380 V, 50 Hz
 System Hydro Mechanical
 Piston type Single or Double Piston
 Pump motor 7.5 kW 11 kW
 Mixer motor 7.5 kw, 1500 rpm
 Agitator motor 2.2 kw, 40 rpm
 Grout delivery (lt/min) 0 - 80 0 - 120 0 - 200 0 - 250
 Delivery distance (hor.) 750 m 1500 m
 Grain size support Single piston 0-3 / Double 0-5 mm
 Max. working pressure 0 - 120 bar (Optional 200 bar)
 Mixer hopper volume 350 lt 450 lt 900 lt
 Filling height 1200 mm
 Agitator volume 500 lt 800 lt
 Dimensions ( W x L x H )
1900 x 2400 x 1850 mm
1000 kg 1100 kg 1300 kg
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