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Continuous Mixer Pump for Ready Mix

As the buildings are getting larger and higher worldwide, it is the most popular method to use machine for plastering. It is more profitable and efficient to make plaster with machine than making it by hand. The result is more qualified.

As mostly known as plaster machine, these mixer pumps are offered in esthetic and user friendly designs which lead to practical operation. It is chosen by the professionals who decrease to cost of the construction without decreasing the quality.

It is mostly placed at the storey where the plaster is applied. Its wheels are robust and durable. It is easy to move on the construction ground. It is designed in size to pass through the doors in construction. It is easy to carry to different storey. It is easy to dismount the whole unit in 2 parts. All its parts are dismountable for easy cleaning. It stays new as long as it is maintained before and cleaned after each application.

It is full automatic. It automatically gets the material and water, mixes them, pumps and sprays the mixture. It renders the plaster well on the wall. The plaster does not come off the wall and it is not wasted. As it gets the material into the mixing unit in stages, it does not chock up the pump. It prevent any dry material to get into the screw pump and protect its life time. All the motors stops if the water stops to feed the machine. It protects the pumping unit and rotor stator. Operator is able to start and stop spraying plaster by the valve on the spraying nozzle. It does not choke up the pump or the hose when the operation is stopped and re-started. It is fine to use with all types of ready mix rendering materials in addition to ready mix plaster. It is ideal to apply plaster, lime, cement and similar materials which are fine for spraying with machine (Our model which is used for spraying mortar is different. You may check our mortar spraying screw pump or mortar spraying piston pump).

 Model PM-20 PM-25
 AC power 380 V, 50 Hz
 Pump motor 5.5 kW
 Loading motor 0.55 kW
 Water pump 0.55 kW
 Compressor Handy 2K 250 lt/min, 5.5 bar
 Readymix spraying rate 6 - 35 lt/dk 6 - 55 lt dk
 Delivery distance 40 m horizontal, 15 m vertical
 Grain size support 0 - 3 mm
 Max. working pressure 30 bar
 Filing hopper volume 150 lt
 Filling height 1000 mm
 Dimensions (W x L x H) 800 x 1200 x 1600 mm
 Weight 325 kg Gross
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