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Shotcrete Pump for Wet Mix

This category presents our models for wet mix shotcrete to be used at small and medium sized projects. Our models with screw pump and piston pump are both available. Each model has built in dosage pump with automation.

The models at this section have the same delivery rate with the dry mix models. Yet, wet mix shotcrete has several advantages over dry mix. Unlike the application with dry mix, it is possible to use concrete fed by transmixer while making wet shotcrete. It is possible to work faster this way (our model with built in mixer to make the mix at the field is also available at this category). Besides the concrete layer is stronger and more durable when made by wet shotcrete. It endurance is higher. As the most important difference, the wet shotcrete does not travels any shotcrete dust around unlike the dry shotcrete. It does not waste any material this way and promises better working conditions.

It is not necessary to get the concrete with a transmixer while using the model with the built in mixer. It is possible to make all the mix at the field. All models in this category can be used with all types of materials with appropriate aggregate size and density. In addition to making shotcrete, it is possible to pour fine grained concrete and wet mix screed.

 AC power
380 V, 50 Hz
 Pump motor 9 kW 22 kW
 Mixer motor
No mixer
 Delivery rate 5 m3/sa
 Delivery distance 90 m horizontal, 15 m vertical
 Grain size support 0 - 10 mm
 Max. working pressure 40 bar
 Pumping hopper volume 175 lt
 Mixer hopper volume 200 lt
 Filling height 700 mm 1000 mm
 Weight 450 kg 800 kg 1000 kg
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