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Shotcrete Truck with Boom

Our models of shotcrete trucks with boom give efficient results with the powerful features. We contribute to sectoral developments through our dedication and by improving our products and quality. Our products are electronically, mechanically and hydraulically qualified to carry on their duties at best under the toughest conditions.

All of our models are reached the final level of technology about the chassis and movement. The chassis is durable to challenging working conditions. It is designed and produced with the most qualified materials to meet all the requirements at tunnel and mines with tough conditions. It has axis and rotation mechanism with the improved tehnology. Its articulated frame and compact equipment provides high rate of maneuver which is critical necessity at narrow tunnels. It has high rate of climbing ability with the 4x4 WD (off-road) movement. The gap between the chassis and ground leads flawless movement at rugged terrain.

The 4x4 WD movement is driven by diesel engine and operated by hydraulics. We also offer vehiecle mounted sets instead of movement with 4x4 WD ariculated frame. On all of our models the concrete pump and shotcrete boom are driven by electric motor. Yet, we are able to offer any of our models as fully diesel-driven for custom needs. We can also mount air compressor or/and electric generator on the chassis. The operator's cab which is at the final stage of confort is equipped with the most improved controlling equipment. It also comes with remote control for controlling all the functions outside the cab.

The shotcrete boom is robust, durable and powerful. Its ergonomic design provides high rate of sensitivity and high speed interaction ability to operator. Both the concrete pump and shotcrete boom are supported with the more robust and durable hydraulic cylinder and pistons which promise longer life time. The hydraulic cylinders of the telescobic boom are placed at the interior section and covered completely outside with protection. It is easy to access the interior sections for cleaining and maintenance. The pump unit is also designed as demountable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Our products conforms to European and world standards. The electrical equipments installed meet the requirements of work safety.
PASHA Shotcrete Trucks with Boom - best solution for shotcrete at highway, tunnel and mines - PASHA Shotcrete Truck with Boom.
 Model SHW-2200 SHW-3000

2-piston, Hydraulic
 Pump motor
Electrical, 37 kW
 Telescopic boom V 6.8, H 5.2 m
V 13.3, H 11.2 m
 Spraying distance V 8 m, H 7 m
V 15.3 m, H 13.6 m
 Shotcrete mechanism
Portional hydraulic
 Shotcrete rate
22 m3/h
30 m3/h
 Grain size support
0 - 16 mm
 Concrete hopper volume 250 lt
 Filling height
1300 mm
 Dosage pump
50 - 600 lt/h @ 7.5 bar
 Additive tank volume 400 lt
Articulated frame, 4x4 WD
 Movement engine Turbo diesel, 54.7 kW
 Dimensions (W x L x H) 2350 x 7700 x 3000 mm
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