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Mortar Spraying Piston Pump with Mixer

In comparison with the screw pump, the initial investment required for the pistion pumps are higher but the cost of consumable parts are much lower. Looking at the balance between the cost of the piston pump and the cost of screw pump's consumables, the piston pump is recommended for the users who renders more than 50000 m2 of mortar per year. For the users with lower amount of rendering, it is suggested to use mortar spraying screw pump.

Our models of piston pumps for spraying mortar are unique in design with no equivalent made in Turkey. The filling height of the mixer is lower than 1 m. It is easy to fill it with shovel. Gear box and electrical motors are powerful. It pumps the mortar from the ground and can pump it up to 20th storey. In addition to spraying mortar, it can also be used for several other jobs such as delivering mortar and self levelling screed, gouting, filling cracks and steel door. It power and efficiency is higher. It is capabale of pumping mixes with sand and similar materials (the grain size should be maximum 0 - 5 mm or less to prevent choking up the hose).  Except the gypsum plaster, it is ideal to apply all types of ready mix plaster, decorative plaster, mortar plaster, lime and other materials with bigger grain size like lime stone. (It is not rececommended to use gypsum based materials like ready mix gypsum plaster with this type of heavy duty pumps. The curing of gypsum is fast, which requires portable machine like gypsum plaster mahcine which works by the side of the operator).

The mixer is semi automatic and continuous. The materials are mixed with water in the mixer. The lock of the mixer is released and the mixture is poured into the pump hopper. Then, it is pumped through the hose and sprayed on the wall. Once it is sprayed, the mortar does not come off the wall. The mixer makes the mixture as homogenous. It prevents forming lump. Neither hose nor the pump gets choked up because of lump. It protects life time of the screw pump, does not waste material. The operator can stop and re-start the spraying by the valve on the spraying nozzle. The mixer keeps mixing when spraying is stopped by the valve. The hose does not get choked up during stop and re-starts.

It is designed and produced due to the European and world quality and safety standards. It has the emergency stop button to stop whole the system in case of emergency. The electrical board is designed due to the requirements of the work safety. It is a product to be used life time as long as it is maintained before and cleaned after each use.

PASHA mortar spraying piston pump - piston pump for spraying mortar - NO SCREW - NO JACKET -
 Model WM-E316M WM-E616M
 AC power 380 V, 50 Hz
 Pomp type 2-piston, hydraulic
 Pomp motor 11 kW
 Mixer motor 2.2 kW
 Vibrator 0.18 kW
 Compresor 400 lt/dk, 5.5 bar
 Mortar delivery rate 0 - 50 lt/min 0 - 100 lt/min
 Grain size support 0 - 16 mm
 Max. working pressure 40 bar
 Mixer volume 250 lt
 Filling height 1000 mm
 Dimensions ( W x L x H ) 1000 x 3250 x 1250 mm
 Weight 850 kg Gross
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